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The Republican Party in Shoshone County is one of 44 corresponding party sub units in the State of Idaho. The Central Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party and begins in Shoshone County with up to 13 elected Precinct Committee man/woman who are on a Primary Ballot every two years.

Pc’s then elect officers of the Central Committee which include a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman and Youth Committee Person. These officer positions do not have to be elected PC’s, although a PC could hold 2 positions, but they do have to be registered as Republicans within Shoshone County.

Only the elected PC’s and Officers of the Central Committee vote on issues before the Central Committee, however, we welcome all Republicans to attend meetings and provide input. We have several committees which we encourage you to volunteer for to help set policy for and advise the Central Committee.

Members of the Central Committee are then involved in setting Republican policy at the District, Regional and then State central Committees. See how we have started at the county level, closest to the people, and worked our way up to the State level which in turn influences the national Republican Party policies and platform. This is how the “people” exert conservative ideas from the bottom up.

The County Chairman, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman and Youth Committee person will then attend the Region meeting and elect the Region Chairman, Vice Chair. These same persons attend the Idaho Republican Central Committee of the State of Idaho and elect the officers at the state level. Ultimately the County officers, District Officers, Regional officers and State officers are influenced at the local level by the voters.

To make this all work, however, we need everyone involved. If you are not yet an elected PC or County officer, we do have numerous opportunities for you to help. Shoshone County Republicans have several areas where your expertise and passion are needed. The Central Committee’s activities involve a broad range of local political strategy including voter registration, recruitment and education for candidates and voters; framing and endorsement of public policy measures and fundraising. Attached is a list of areas you may be interested in assisting with.

If you are interested in participating as a Precinct Committee Person please request a copy of our PC Training manual which will explain in depth the responsibilities of the PC and how to get elected. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please advise the Chairman of your interests and sign up to serve on a committee, help to organize an event or one of the many other opportunities available.

Events Committee: The Activities Committee works on all public activities hosted by the Republican Party. This could consist of the annual Lincoln Day Dinner, which is one of our major fundraisers. In addition, during election years we may host Candidates for the public to meet and visit with. We will also have additional fundraisers throughout the year. We need help with planning, advertising and setup of such events.

Candidate Committee: The Candidate Committee is charged with recruitment for various elected positions. This committee would find and recruit Precinct Committee persons to fill any vacant PC positions. At various times this committee would locate possible candidates for local elections at the School District and County level as well as municipalities such as nonpartisan City, Hospital Boards, Fire Districts, etc. During District and State Elections the Candidate Committee would possibly research those candidates and vet them as needed.

Education Committee: In addition to advising on educational programs to be offered to the public, this committee would also review the curriculum and policies of our local school Districts and advise the public of any potential issues that are occurring within our public schools.

Communication Committee: This committee plays a vital role in communicating with the general public. Social Media and a Website play a significant roles in the committee. As other committees develop information and strategies that should be made public, we have to have a viable way to get this information out. We need persons who are interested in writing articles, designing graphics and providing information in these areas.

Other Interests or expertise?

Researchers: Our legislature is in session only 3 months of the year, are short staffed and most actually appreciate help from the public in researching these potential legislative issues. Plus, we need to keep an eye what’s going on in Boise.

Writers/Reporters: Need folks to submit articles for the website and other social media. Also, letters to the editor during election season, city council meetings and any other activities going on in the valley.

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