Shoshone County Republican Staff

How is the Idaho Republican Party organized?

The Idaho Republican Party has three geographical divisions: legislative districtscounties, and county precincts. Within the Republican party, precincts are led by precinct leaders, counties are led by the county central committee, and districts are led by the district central committee. Find your county Central Committee and Precinct Leaders below.

What does the Shoshone County Central Committee do?

Shoshone County Republican Central Committee is the governing body of and the official spokesman for the Idaho Republican Party, in Shoshone County. Shoshone County Republican Central Committee promotes the principles, objectives and the Republican Party Platform.  We cooperate with the Idaho Republican Party and the Republican National Committee to elect Republicans in the county and statewide.

We seek to educate Idaho constituents, register new voters and encourage all Republicans to get to the polls and vote.  The Central Committee helps fill public office vacancies on both county and state level.

Central Committee Leadership

(208) 682-4454
1st Vice Chair
(208) 651-6475
(208) 755-7332
State Youth Committeeperson
(208) 786-0326
State Committeeman
(208) 772-2522
State Committeewoman
(208) 651-7337

Precinct Leaders

What are precinct leaders?

Precinct leaders are elected to represent and vote on behalf of their precinct in county and district Republican central committees. Precinct leaders also organize voters in preparation for upcoming elections and spread the word about upcoming events and other news.

Precinct leaders are elected because they are given a degree of political power. Precinct leaders elect the leadership of the county and district central committees, and may be expected to participate in filling vacancies in the Idaho state legislature for their district.

Note: Precinct leaders are also known as precinct captains, a precinct chairman, precinct delegate, precinct committee officer or Precinct Committeeman.

What is a precinct? How can I become a precinct leader?

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Precinct 03 – Wallace

Precinct 04 – Silverton

Precinct 07 – Wardner

Precinct 11 – Calder

Precinct 12 – Clarkia

Precinct 13 – Avery

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